What if I need to cancel the trip?

As long as a trip cancellation is within the 7 DAY grace period, you $100 deposit will be refunded or we can re-schedule another date for a trip.

Will I get sea-sick when I go fishing?

Generally not many people get sea-sick when they go fishing. I pre-plan the trip and take the weather/wind into account to avoid fishing in rough seas. Should the weather get rough after we are out fishing, I can deploy drift socks off the bow of the boat. This helps in keeping the boat from giving you motion sickness. I also have sea-sick bands and Dramamine that helps to deter motion sickness.

What if the weather looks bad and will we still go fishing?

It all depends on mother nature. I check multiple weather/wind sources including NOAA and US. Coast Guard Buoy’s that give “real time” data of wind direction/speed and wave height. Ultimately, I want to give you a positive and successful fishing trip. If we need to cancel, we can re-schedule for better weather or refund your $100 deposit. Your safety and well-being is most important to us.